If you’ve got any questions, please feel free to get in touch via the website or telephone me on 07980 967 293. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

I’ve listed the most commonly asked questions below.

How much do you charge?

Each counselling and psychotherapy session lasts for 50 minutes and is currently £50 per session for individuals. Lower rates are available for people who are unemployed or on a low wage and students too – prices on request. Group and couples therapy is also available – prices on request. Please contact me or telephone 07980 967 293 for details and fees.

Each low cost counselling and psychotherapy session lasts for 50 minutes. Details of this are available on request.

Where are you located?

I see clients in an easy to reach location in Levenshulme, South Manchester. The practice is 3 miles south of Manchester city centre and is within easy reach of Chorlton, Didsbury, Sale, Altrincham, the Four Heatons and Stockport. The map on the right hand side of this page will show you where I’m based.

How long will I need to come to therapy?

This all depends upon why you are coming. You may be able to achieve the goals you set in a relatively short time. If your issues are more deep rooted, then this may mean longer term therapy to make those important positive changes in your life.

How often do I need to come to therapy?

Once a week. This is for continuity purposes and so we can build a good, solid relationship. There will be times when you cannot make the sessions due to holidays or work commitments, which is fine. Please see the terms of the therapy agreement for the notice period required if you cannot make a session. It’s important that you are committed to your therapy sessions – the proof will be in the pudding!

What is a therapy agreement?

When you come to therapy, we’ll go through the therapy agreement on the first session. The agreement details the cost of the sessions along with other “housekeeping” stuff, so you know how much time you need to give if you want to cancel a session etc. The therapy agreement acts as the terms and conditions of your counselling and psychotherapy sessions at the All Ears practice. You’ll be able to keep a signed copy to refer back to.

Will my counselling and psychotherapy sessions be confidential?

Counselling is confidential in almost all circumstances. Confidentiality is crucial to developing trust and enabling the client to open up and explore sensitive issues with the therapist. Occasionally there may be a question around the limits to confidentiality if you disclose any of the following:

  • where, in my opinion, there may be a danger to yourself or others
  •  if you have committed a serious criminal offence or are involved in terrorist activity
  • if a child is being abused
  • if you were abused as a child and there is the possibility of further abuse being committed

If this happened when working with me, I’d discuss the matter with you first before taking any action.

For the purposes of my supervision, I may disclose the content of our sessions. Supervision sessions allow me to gain support and guidance in my work and also to check I am working ethically and competently. Anything discussed in supervision is kept confidential.

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