How to Support a Person with Panic Attacks or Anxiety

I came across this article by Helen Nieves and thought it would be useful to share her tips on how to help someone you know who is having panic attacks or suffering from anxiety. What are Anxiety and Panic Attacks? Anxiety is a part of life and normal to experience at some point or another. […]

What is Emotional Abuse?

Physical abuse is tangible. If you are hit by someone, then that’s physical abuse. If you hit someone, then that’s physical abuse. So what is emotional abuse? In the article below, Maria Bogdanos outlines her interpretations of emotional abuse. And they’re pretty spot on. Emotional abuse is elusive. Unlike physical abuse, the people doing it […]

10 Signs of Being in an Unhealthy Relationship

Have you ever wondered about the relationship you’re in and how healthy it is? Here’s an article I came across written by American Psychoptherapist, Nathan Feiles. It outlines 10 signs of an unhealthy relationship. Technically, a relationship needs to only be defined by the people who are in the relationship. What is a “good (or […]

What is a victim role?

What is a victim role?  by Linda Hatch PhD I came across this article and thought I’d post it on here for you to read.Being a “victim” has a bad name. When we call some one a victim it’s like we’re saying they are a whiner, that they lack backbone. But being stuck in a […]